Meet the Team

How do I use my Ecobalm?

Simply give one firm push on the bottom of the tube and the balm will slide upwards. After the first push the balm will slide up and down with ease. To avoid touching the balm, use your lips to push back down.


Will the balm soak into the cardboard and ruin it?

The inner of Ecobalm is coated with food quality wax-coated paper. This ensures that the balm will not be able to soak into the cardboard and Ecobalm stays durable during its use.


Why is the shape of Ecobalm short and wide, unlike other lip balms on the market?

Instead of a turning mechanism, Ecobalm features a push system. Therefore fingers of all shapes and sizes must be able to fit inside the tube. This feature means Ecobalm actually has more balm than the typical lip balm at 7g compared to the usual 4.2g.

Which ingredients are organic?

Our beeswax is 100% certified organic sourced from a local South Canterbury apiary. All our flavour oils are also organic.

Will my Ecobalm arrive in sustainable packaging?

Yes, all of Ecobalm's packaging is paper based and either compostable or recyclable - including the shipping packaging