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  • Natural and Simple

    Ecobalm has a simple, natural recipe with two key ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil and Organic NZ Beeswax. Combined they provide natural hydration and protection for your lips.

  • Made for Sustainability

    Ecobalm is made by two lads on a mission to drive change in the cosmetics industry. Ecobalm's packaging is plastic free and 100% compostable.

Lip balm with a story

Ecobase was founded in 2020 during our final year of high school in South Canterbury. We set our sights on creating a natural, sustainable product which is steps ahead of the regular market. From there Ecobalm was created, and we have been growing our impact on the cosmetics industry ever since.

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Perfect for Gifts

Ecobalm is the perfect gift for yourself or someone close to you. Every aspect of our product is plastic free, including the shipping packaging.

Our eco-friendly design combined with natural and effective balm will be sure to please anyone.

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